Gros Horloge, Rouen, France

Friday, June 7, 2024 Rouen, France

Come meet more than 200 people sharing their real professional lives and feedback. No nonsense, no divas, just genuine individuals discussing real problems and solutions. From students eager to learn more to professionals wanting to share their experiences, come enjoy a fulfilling day with a dozen conferences in the heart of Rouen.

When? Where?

  • Le Village By Ca Rouen Vallée De Seine, 107 All. François Mitterrand, 76100, Rouen. Join us in that awesome location. Enjoy the Seine river from the heart of Rouen.
  • Come enjoy the last spring days, entertaind with awesome conferences.

The Rouen 2024 conference, set at Le Village By CA Vallée de Seine in Rouen, will bring together around 200 participants and a dozen speakers. This event is designed to facilitate the sharing of concrete experiences and practical know-how within Rouen’s diverse tech community, encompassing engineers and C-level professionals. The goal is to foster direct and relevant exchanges that enrich all attendees. We are also proud to offer conferences in multiple languages, catering to our international audience and enhancing the accessibility and inclusiveness of our discussions.


Andrey Sitnik

Andrey Sitnik

Creator of Autoprefixer, PostCSS, Browserslist

Evil Martians
François Best

François Best

Web developer and creator of Nuqs

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